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Main rules of ATC [EN]


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Before starting to play it is preferable to have understood the rules.

Each stable must win the most races. They can compare using to the total profits (indicated in the list of the teams).

First of all one needs to subscribe (here).

As of the registering, a stable owner has a few thousands of gold coins. This must enable him to buy runners and pilots with the biddings, and to pay the fee to some races, or to build a small track and to organize a race there.

The biddings
Regulary runners are put at the biddings, by other players or from outside.
The biddings are done by indivisible lots of 1 or several runners.
Each bidding is equal to 110% (rounded to the higher hundred) of the preceding one.

The bidding lasts at least a week, the bidding finishes at least 24 hours after the closing bid.

Each one can put a lot at the biddings (page of team : notch the corresponding boxes to create a lot, indicate a minimal value and click “At the biddings”).

The runners in the course of bidding cannot be engaged in race (and conversely).

Each time a player spends of the money which it does not have, it undergoes 50% of penalty on this expenditure.

The runners
The characteristics of the runners and pilots, from 0 to 5 starts, are:

  • Speed - speed of running (useful only for the runners)
  • Force - capacity to draw the cart and the pilot without losing speed
  • Endurance - decreases tiredness during and after the race
  • Calm - allows to better react to all kinds of situations on the track
  • Courage - capacity to face the competitors (useful only for the pilots)
  • Control - capacity to direct the attachment (useful only for the pilots)
  • Physics - the shape of a runner evolvesslowly and influences the performances. During the biddings, each one knows if a runner is too young or old, which decreases the physical form.

Each day, each runner cost from 8 to 40, according to its force, + 50 by guard which is affected for him.

Each runner can be attacked. It costs 1500 and is anonymous, It has 1/2 chances of success (and so to wound seriously). Each guard divides the chances of success by 2.

The runners not bought yet are protected by a guard.

When they cost too much, the runners can be eaten, or sold to Zagovar, which seeks runners of each species to leave on tour and to make feasts. He buy expensively if he does not have yet a runner of this species, and if he has already runners of the other species. When it has all the species, he goes on tour, and returns shortly after.

The magicians of Le Chauldron Magique! belongs to a clan and can carry out potions, without knowing by advance their effects.
These potions can be given to owners of ATC, which can then make them drink by their runners or pilots. These potions are doping ones or poisons.

The same potion has variable effects according to the species (generally similar for all the species, with some exceptions).

In exchange, each owner of ATC can declare himself in favour of a clan of the Magic Cauldron!. If it gains a race, the magicians of this clan are rewarded.

If necessary, all the rules of Le Chaudron Magique! are here.

Take part in a race
To take part in a race, go in the page of team, choose an attachment (1 to 4 runners), a pilot and a race to come and click on the button “take part”.
It is posible to choose an order which will be given to the pilot for his race.

Two hours before the race the registering are ended.

All the members of your team can be used like runners or pilot, but it is preferable to adapt to competences of each one. In addition if runners and pilot hate themselves (see table of association here) the performances will be decreased.

Build a track
On the page of the races and tracks, enter corresponding values and to click on “Creating a new track”. The cost is indicated then, modify data and to click again on “Confirming”, until satisfaction.

  • Name - name of the track
  • Capacity - capacity in seats for the paying spectators (expensive)
  • Length (>200m) - length of the track, in meters. With more than 20 spectators per meter, the seat cost grow quickly.
  • Width - width in meters of the track (between 5 and 20). The spectators like the broad tracks (more goings beyond). The long and broad tracks are more expensive.
  • Dangeurosity - (1 to 5) you can place obstacles and other traps on your track, that the spectators like much (competitors a little less).
  • Complexity - (1 to 5): a more complex track will put ahead the pilots at depends on the runners

The tracks can be improved then (each modification is expensive)

Organize a race
Choose the parameters of your race and click on “Organizing a new race”

  • Track : track that you have
  • Name : name of the race (often the name of the track contains)
  • Date : date from the departure (as soon as possible in 48h)
  • Turns : the spectators prefer the longer races but not the majority of the competitors
  • Price (total) : total prices by you to the race end. The winner receives 1/3 of this sum, second 1/3 of the remainding sum and so on.
  • Destruction bonus : additional price for each time a crew is responsible for the surrendering of another (can be negative).
  • Inscription (if positive) : money that each attachment must offer to you to take part.
  • Inscription (if negative) : money that you offer to each competitor
  • Price of the tickets (1 to 20) : amount given by each spectator. Each gold coin moreover tends to divide the number of spectators (skinflints) by 2
  • Allowed violence : authorization of violence on the track.
  • Handicap : indicate if the runners will receive turns of handicap, according to their last results (their profits).
  • Championship: to see below

To organize a race costs 2500 for creation, and 12500 more at the time of the start.

The time of start is fixed according to the day (14 GMT, on Saturday, 15 on Sunday, 16 on Monday ... 20 on Friday).
Only one race can take place each day.

Two hours before the start, the inscriptions are closed, the number of spectators is known, the main page of the site proposes the resolution of the race in front of your eyes.

Resolution of the race
Each one can be connected on the main page to observe the resolution of the race on line and in real time. A window makes it possible to discuss with the other observers (chat-room associated).
The players are only observers, they do not have any means of influencing the final result the started race.

Posting is done by an applet Java (v1.4.x or +). Your navigator can probably already use the applet (check with this page), if not it will propose to download and install the Java plugin (“JRE 1.4.x” or “JRE 5.0.x”, freehere) suitable.

At the race end are updated:

  • Chests of each one due to spectator attendees, inscriptions and prices
  • Wounds and tiredness (% posted for each one in the page of team)

The bets
It is possible to bet (on the page of description of a race) until the start of the race. If forecast gains, the punter receives his setting multiplied by a ratio.
The ratio (different for each runner, for example “3 for 1”), depends on many criteria, including the bets of the other players. The ratio really applied is the one at the beginning of the race.

The bet is at least 100 ; each new click multiplies the bet by 2.

With each creation of race, one can indicate a code of championship (unspecified, secret).
If several races have the same code, they (and only them) will be gathered in a championship 7 days before the beginning of the first one. It is too late then to add new races.

Half of the profits of the races of a championship are transferred only at the end of the championship to the best pilots, a points scoring being brought up to date after each race.

The championships increase the number of spectators.

To cheat
The double account cheaters (a player with several accounts) are strictly prohibited.

Translation to correct if you can
Je boycotte pas, je soigne...
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